Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Year Family Cards

New Year is a time for celebrations and get-together for all who invite their dear friends, relatives and families to be part of the new year celebration parties and dinner on new years eve. So, get into the mood of party time together with your dear family members and have whole lot of fun with them. Do present them new year family cards to share your special heart-felt wishes for them.
New Year Family Cards
New Year Family Wish Card

Persian New Year Cards

Persian New Year is also named as Norooz in Iranian language which always begins on the first day of spring. It celebrates the two ancient concepts of he End and the Rebirth; or Good and Evil. The tradition and rituals of Persian New Year roots from Zoroastrian religion. It is celebrated in Iran, Iraq, India, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikestan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. So, if you are also planning to celebrate Nowruz then don't forget to send your warm wishes from any of our Persian New Year Cards. Happy Persian New Year

New Year Business Cards

Let your business spread its roots all over and people recognise you and your company with its name. Don't miss the opportunity to share new year wishes with your business associates, customers, investors and other internal as well as outside parties through your own business cards. Try out something unique and personalized with your business logo, name and messages for all in the form of these new year business cards.
New Year Business Cards Business New Year Cards

New Year Friends Cards

Friends are part of our every celebration whether its a social or formal. They are part of our routine life and we need their friendship in every biggest festival of your life. New year is another such occassion when friends make their friendship more fast and everlasting by being there for each other at all times. Express your friendship and your strong bond to others by celebrating together at the new years eve. Do invite your dear friend to join you at the celebration party. Present him/her some of these new year friends cards as a token of your closeness and love sharing.
Free New Year Friends eCards New Year Friendship Cards
New Year Friends Cards

New Year Celebration Card

New year is the biggest event of the calendar when almost whole World feel into parties, dine, wine, kissing, dating and other activities of their happiness, fun and pleasure. The main celebrations begin from 31st December night i.e New Years Eve with whole lot of fun and entertainment with dear buddies. So, set your mood to celebrate new year with great celebrations and by exchanging any of these new year celebration card.
New Years Eve Celebrations New Year Celebration Card
celebration of new year

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2010 New Year Cards

Give a grand welcome to 2010 by welcoming it with beautiful fireworks, parties, champagne, dance, dine and get-together. Hope 2010 brings good luck, fame, prosperity and wealth for all. Share these 2010 new year cards with your dearones and nearones by celebrating on 31st december, new years eve.